For all the students/undergraduates in the country who are following a Degree/HND/ND or any other course in a reputed university or institution and passionate in contributing and promoting free and open source software.

How To Get Onboard

If you are interested in becoming a FOSS Pilot for your university/institution you can simply apply through the below application. Then your contribution so far to the FOSS world along with your skills and interpersonal qualities will be evaluated. Then if you have scored sufficient enough, then you will have the temporary membership for a period of 3 months and will be assigned to a mentor from the FOSS Sri Lanka Community. In the given time you need to prove that you are worth enough to hold this title by contributing as best of your ability to the community. There you have to,
  • Contribute to the Free and Open Source Projects. (At least 10 pull requests for one recognized project)

  • Hold FOSS related events in your university/ institution (At least one event)

  • Actively promote FOSS and Open web.

  • Report your progress weekly to your mentor.

Based on your progress, your membership as a FOSS Pilot will be confirmed on or before the conclusion of your onboard period. You may have to try again if you were unable to make sufficient progress.

After becoming a FOSS Pilot

  • All the events organized by FOSS Sri Lanka will be informed only through you to your university.

  • You will be the key person who decide the participants for those events.

  • All the swags and gift packs distributed by FOSS Sri Lanka and related organizations will be issued only through you for your university/institution.

  • You should declare one or more successors after you for your university/institution.

  • FOSS Pilot of the month will be happening on each month of the year and the top-contributor will be rewarded for his/her contribution.

  • Any violation of FOSS Sri Lanka community guidelines will remove your title as a FOSS Pilot.



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