FOSS.lk is a platform for Sri Lankans to organise themselves around the global Free and Open Source Software movement.

Contribute to the society with training and awareness on technology related developments and new concepts while transforming lives to feel as a part of the world’s largest developing community.

Our Vision

Assist and encourage the community in global scale on behalf of Free and Open Source Software throughout the journey of achieving fullest extent technology!

Our Mision

To achieve the software freedom for all Sri Lankans by Educating and enabling communities and amplifying and advocating the message of the FOSS philosophy.


  • Promote the concept of Free and Open Source Software among school and university students in Sri Lanka.


  • Raise awareness and promote FOSS in professional forums and all layers of society.

  • Make FOSS tools accessible to the masses by translating interfaces, documentation and manuals to local languages


  • Mobilise community through various collaborations and programs such as; hackathons, meetups and numerous technology and FOSS related events.

  • Support FOSS related projects and communities in Sri Lanka in infrastructure and advisory


  • Promote and assist open sourcing organizations with necessary digital infrastructure in Sri Lanka

  • Promote open licensing of code developed with public funds

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