FOSS LK - Podcast

(Dilusha) #48

Logo eka mona wageda wenn ona?:hushed:

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #49

Have to include logo and “a podcast by” wording

If the otherpart relates to word “freedom” , thats great.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #50

So guys any idea about a gear ? Mics and mixers. ?

(Lahiru Himesh Madusanka) #51

I used to have a Blue Yeti Snowball and it was one of the greatest microphones for Podcasts. But it was really fragile imho.

Don’t think we’d need mixers if we’re going to record via online conversations. If we were to host the podcast at a location, we’d need a mixer.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #52

Yeti is good… anyway shall we do this. Ots dragging too long.

(Milinda Arambawela) #53

@dhanushka shell we continue this.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #54

Good idea… shall we start by finding some gears. ? Anyone wjocan find couple of mics and a mixer ?

(Milinda Arambawela) #55

Aiya, shell we create a topic list for the podcast.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #56

Sure. Will try to compile tomorrow . Also we really need to find some gear as well.
after the gear, will be able to start the first recording . :slight_smile:

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #57

E#::0 - The Pilot

  • Intro
  • Introduction on Freedom podcast and the hosts (2-3 mins)
  • What is FOSS? (5 - 10 mins)
  • Some background on FOSS in global status (10 -20 mins)
  • Some history on Foss on Sri Lanka (10-15 mins)
  • What is and current status (10 -15 mins)
  • Current projects and how to contribute. (15 mins)
  • Conclusion.


  • Intro
  • FOSS news for 2018 - A summary ( 20 mins :News )
  • Most popular FOSS project - Linux ( 40 mins : Topic of the Day)
  • Conclusion

The above is a suggestion. The pilot is an Intro to the podcast. The first Episode is the actual first one. In a normal episode, I thought of having 20 minutes of FOSS news and the rest on a Selected Topic.

Any suggestions?

PS: Can we start this soon. So we can go ahead with the First podcast on New year start. (Pilot on End of December)

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #58

දැන් මොකෝ වෙන්නෙ … ?

(Milinda Arambawela) #59

Aiya next year idalama patan gamuda.

(Dhanushka C) #60

Api me mase record karanna patan aran next year idala release karoth kohomada? Just an idea :slight_smile:

(Milinda Arambawela) #61

Apita equipment tika hoya ganna wenava enam ikmanatama.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #62

My idea exactly. lets record two episods. The Episod 0 (An Intro )and the first one. We can release the Intro on Jan 1st and the Episod 1 is the first week. After that we can go with bi weekly .

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #63

Anyway to find the equipments ? After the first ones, we can purchase by seing how it goes. Or else we can purchase directly . My idea is two Mics and a mixr. Lets start this soon.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #64

Any update guys on the gear guys. ?

(Dhanushka C) #65

@milinda can we ask from Kalinga aiya? :thinking:

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #66

@kalinga will help. But we need to find our own stuff ne. this is not a temporary thing ne. So better to find a permement solution. ?

(Dhanushka C) #67

@lokuhetty My idea is to do first one or two with kalinga aiya since he knows how to do this job. During that time we can focus on finding own stuff or podcast partner for the stuff.