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(Milinda Arambawela) #1

@lokuhetty aiya, here as we discussed in SFD, I open a thread for FOSS LK - Podcasting. Shall we start this?

Vote for the podcast name

  • Freedom (Suggested by Dasun)
  • WIRED (Suggested by Dilusha)

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(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #2

Thanks @milinda. As discussed I would like to propose to start a podcast under the umbrella of As the current trend is for podcast , we woud be able to capture an audience and would be able to retain it. I think a podcast that would air once per two weeks would be sufficient at the begining.
Any comments are welcome.

(Dhanushka C) #3

Good idea!! :+1::v:️ Podcasts :heart:

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #4

Great. So how do we proceed. Any idea of the theme or the content. Following is my current idea. Please do comment to finalize a plan.

Branding : should contain or use the name as Apart from that , we could create a seperate brand like “freedom - a podcast by”

Schedule : Initially, once in 2 weeks. Released on Friday (giving the weekend to listn) , Recorded on Tuesday, giving time to record on wednessday and thursday if we are to miss on tuesday.

Content : Main podacst can focus on FOSS news, Sri La kan events and guids on FOSS and new technologies. This can branch out to general tech that the FOSS can be used (and loosely restricted to the content - a talk show style ). Video can also be recorded without a significantly high production quality.
Also in all other alternating weeks there could be mini guides( Things like scripted thtorials), interviews (with high production quality).
Apart from that we could cover Sri Lankan related events as the team (Mainly Video and Photo)

Team : for the full plan, two teams. One fixed team for the main podcast and another team for the mini series and the interviews and tutorials. Anyway the mainpodcast can handle more people according to the availability.

Implementation Plan : I suggest to start with the main podcast and grow the team and items.

Oops… wrote a lot. Anyway thats basically what i had. Upto you guys…

(Dilusha) #5

Youtube platform ek thoragthoth hoda nadda. :zipper_mouth_face: Like this click here

(Lahiru Himesh Madusanka) #6

@lokuhetty Awesome.

@dilusha Using Youtube to host the postcast? It’s not the greatest platform to host podcasts since youtube player on mobile only plays content if the screen is on. (So no listen-only mode) and would use significantly more bandwidth from listener

(Dilusha) #7

Mmm ou ekath athhtha :confused:, ehnm podcast ek wen platform ek host kara. Interviews n tutorials walata youtube channel ek karoth?

(Milinda Arambawela) #8

Good Idea. We can do separate V-Blog then :heart_eyes:

(Lahiru Himesh Madusanka) #9

@dilusha I agree. We can just host podcast content on either something like a S3 bucket or our own website. And host video content on Youtube.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #10

Great to see all of you guys are interested. Anyway lets sort each things out . Otherwise itll take some time to finalize. :wink:

Shall we start with the Branding ? I have given my comments. So what about you guys. ?

(Dilusha) #11

WIRED - A podcast by :smirk:

(Lahiru Himesh Madusanka) #12

+1 for Freedom as the podcast name

(Dilusha) #13

2katama vote karanna barida :smile:

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #14

Then it will become “WIRED freedom - a podcast by” :smile:

(Dilusha) #15

:joy::joy::joy::joy: anyway mama kamthi freedom kiyanna ekata foss ekta glapenwa

(Lahiru Himesh Madusanka) #16

Kind of defeats the purpose of the current vote :smiley:

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #17

Anyway, if any other names are there, let’s discuss them as well. Can it also be in Sinhala?

(Dilusha) #18

Active users la na ne opinion ek blanna :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #19

Guys, any update… ?

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #20

Guys, Shall we finalize these…