FOSS LK : Campus Chapter Program

(Milinda Arambawela) #1


I opened this topic to discuss Campus Chapter Program. We can discuss our plans and organization stuff here.

(Amila Ereeshika) #2

Here is the basic foundation of the program so far. Please add your suggestions :slight_smile:

(Lahiru Himesh Madusanka) #3

This document is awesome. Let’s design and tweak it.

(Milinda Arambawela) #4

@ereeshika can you make this document permission to access outside the Mozilla LK organization. No need editable access. just view access for the public.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #5

This is good. Is there any progress on this matter? I think we need more members on the forums. Can we start by getting one person per university into the forum? Each university is different in its operations.

(Milinda Arambawela) #6

Sure Dasun aiya, We are planing this program and try to launch it in SFD event. We already have few FOSS Campus Chapters with us and few Mozilla Campus Clubs with us.

(Dasun K Lokuhetty) #7

That’s Great. Let’s do this event and start from that. Thanks for the effort to boot up I’ll be in touch and contribute as much as I can as well.

(Ruwani Indrachapa) #8

Today FOSS ambassador call summery:

  • initiate foss ambassador program
  • start project initiate on 5th october
  • create a list of universities join with this program
  • decide a deadline for apply for foss ambassador program ( 12th october)
  • preparing applications for foss ambassador program
  • ambassador package planning (price , swags and other things)
  • after this how to plan school chapters (programs/ challengers / events)
  • next step would be initiate school chapters

(Amila Ereeshika) #9

We need volunteers for the Ambassador Program Handling team :

  • Web Developers
  • Designers

if interested kindly reply to this thread.

(Milinda Arambawela) #10

I can join with Web Development.

(Buddhika Priyabhashana) #11
  • Create a list of universities join with this program and contact person -> DONE

(Ishara Oshajith Vidhanhena) #12

I’m in for web development

(Pubudu Perera) #13

I like to volunteer for web development.

(Indrajith) #14

I’m in for web development

(Devin Herath) #15

Hi Guys, I’m also down for web development & design. Can we start a pilot soon… Love to become a ambassador :slight_smile:

(Milinda Arambawela) #16

Hi all, we are working on creating new foss lk team to continue the community works. We will inform you soon about that programme. Keep in touch.

(Devin Herath) #17

Hi Milinda,

Great to hear about the programme. Eagerly waiting to take part of it :blush: