Help Firefox make a world record on Download Day 2008!

Download Day 2008

Firefox, probably the most famous FOSS is trying to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. Contribute this by downloading the latest release, Firefox 3, on June 17, 2008. Join the rest of the community in this effort by pledging today. Click the above banner and make a pledge NOW!

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University of Moratuwa Tops Google list of Summer of Code Programmers

Sri Lanka in top ten of most number of applicants.

Moratuwa, Sri Lanka – May 22, 2008 – The University of Moratuwa is proud to announce that 24 student projects have been accepted for the Google Summer of Code program this year making it the number one University worldwide to have the most number of accepted projects.

Google, the Internet search engine giant, accepted 1125 applications by students globally to work on Free and Open Source Software projects in the summer. The Google Summer of Code Program (GSoC), now in its fourth year, entices students to submit their ideas to Google approved mentor organizations and contribute to open source projects. Once selected and on successful completion of their tasks in the period of 3 months, Google grants the student a reward of $4500.

Awareness Seminar for Maldivian Students Association

An awareness seminar on GNU/Linux and FOSS organized by the Maldivian Students' Association in Sri Lanka was held on the Sunday, 11th May 2008 at 14.00 onwards at the Sosun Vila, Pamankada (Old Maldivian Embassy). Geeks of FOSS.LK participated at the event.

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FOSS-ed On Wheels - Negombo participated in a GNU/Linux training event at AG School, Negombo on 29th and 30th of March. It was a very successful two day event. Around fifty students and a few teachers took part in it. We started the sessions with an introduction to FOSS and GNU/Linux philosophy. Then we demonstrated an installation and a few application software used in GNU/Linux. On the second day they learnt some more FOSS applications and features of their new operating system.

Anuradha Rathnaweera, Dasunpriya Anuradha, Kunchana Mathota Arachchi, Rajkumar Ganeshan, Suchetha Wijenayaka and Danishka delivered speeches. Students were highly enthusiastic and we all were so happy to see the young spirit getting in to FOSS.

Two Day Workshop on (UNIX) GNU/Linux Shell Scripting

We successfully completed a two day hands on workshop in Unix shell and shell scripting on the 15th & 16th of March 2008. We used GNU/Linux as our platform and we covered several important areas in the Unix shell. The location was LSF - Sahana Lab at the University of Colombo School of Computing.

The content covered during the workshop was:

Day one

  • Introduction to the shell and scripting - Anuradha
  • Basic filters (head, tail, grep, sort, wc etc) - Bud
  • More filters (sed and awk) - Bud
  • Advanced shell usage - Sapumal

RMS in Sri Lanka!

Richard M. Stallman more fondly known as RMS, is one the most influential technology thinkers of our time.

Founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) , he is the author of the GNU Public License(GPL); the most popular Free Software License around.

Richard Stallman spoke on "Free Software in Ethics and in Practice"

FOSS-ed On Wheels Ratnapura @ Ruwanpura National Collage of Education (RNCOE) held a Training program for teachers and students of the Ratnapura District at Ruwanpura National Collage of Education (RNCOE), Wellawaya, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka on the 6th and 7th of October 2007. This is yet another initiative by to bring the freedom of technology to the rural areas.

An InstallFest too was held at the premises with 45 machines in the RNCOE labs being installed with Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, where the interested crowds participated in the InstallFest even past-midnight.

And so, a yet another event success is seen by the team in its quest in empowering Sri Lankans with Software Freedom.

Mandriva Linux 2008 Installfest: November 17th, 2007

Mandriva Linux 2008 will be released soon! In order to celebrate this event and to bring Linux to new users and present the new features available in Mandriva Linux 2008, Mandriva would like to coordinate a worldwide Installfest on November 17th, 2007. (An Installfest is an event at which people get together to do mass installations of computer operating systems or software, most often the GNU / Linux operating system and other open source software)

Expert Mandriva Linux users are invited to assist beginners to help them get started with the operating system. Participants will be able to get help on installing Mandriva Linux 2008 on their laptop or desktop, get all their questions answered and meet other Linux users.

Software Freedom Day 2007

Sri Lanka Celebrates Freedom of Software

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a worldwide event that is celebrated annually ( on the third Saturday of each September. This year, it will be celebrated on the 15th of September. The goal of this celebration is "To educate the worldwide public about of the benefits of using high quality Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in education, in government, at home, and in business -- in short, everywhere!"

The Sri Lankan ICT Industry Mourns the Loss of its Most Valued Member

Prof. V. K. Samaranayake

Vidya Jyothi Professor V.K. Samaranayake passed away on Wednesday, 06th June 2007 aged 68 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Prof. Samaranayake served as the Chairman of the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka from 2004. He was also the Emeritus Professor of Computer Science of the University of Colombo. He was the founder Director of the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC).